5 Simple Tips – Cooking With Chocolate

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Well I have a few tips for you. Chocolate is a commodity that generates millions of dollars on an annual basis. We definitely get satisfaction out of consuming chocolate and making delicious creations. When cooking with chocolate there are 5 simple tips that will set your chocolate apart from the ordinary pieces out there.

  • Use Stainless Steel or Tin Cookware
  • Store Properly
  • Be Aware of Expiration Dates
  • Explore all of Your Possibilities
  • Quality Over Quantity

Use Stainless Steel or Tin Cookware
Too many times I have seen people preparing to make a delicious chocolate recipe and they have the wrong equipment. Using cookware that has nonstick coating or cookware that is poor in quality can have an effect on your chocolate. Often times the coating on those nonstick pots begin to chip. And that can end up in your dessert! Not only that but your chocolate will then start to stick and burn. Avoid this problem all together and use stainless steel or tin cookware.

Store Properly
When storing chocolate it does not need to be exposed to air or intense heat. Air can cause the chocolate to taste stale and that will not enhance your dessert. Also, melting and re-melting of your chocolate will change the taste too.

The refrigerator can carry many odors and chocolate absorbs them all. When storing chocolate make sure that it is in a vacuum packed package or sealed up tightly with no air in it. Also keep chocolate away from high heat or extreme cold.

Be Aware of Expiration Dates
If your chocolate is expired chunk it. There is no need in spoiling your recipe and reputation simply because you used an old package of chocolate.

Explore Your Possibilities
There are so many recipes, candy molds, and gift ideas out there. To keep things interesting do not get caught up doing the same recipe over and over again. Buy new molds, use a different type of chocolate, or use a different ingredient in conjunction with the chocolate! You will be surprises at what you create! Do not limit yourself you will be so glad that you did explore.

Quality Over Quantity
There is such a temptation that arises when we see a sale tag at the supermarket. Do not give in if the chocolate is on sale and it is not a quality brand. Some generic brands are ok but it is wise to test them out before you use them in your recipes. You will thank yourself and your guest, family, and loved ones will thank you for sparing them the disappointment and upset taste buds. Stick to the best and forget the rest.

With these tips you will be able to make your recipes better…

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