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“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life". ― Yoko Ono

3 Grilled Hotdog Recipes

Food and Drinkby Yuki Noa | 14 June 2019

Kids and adults alike love hotdogs whether fried, steamed, baked or grilled. It's inexpensive and widely available. It's a meal on its own but can also be added to thousands of dishes. Hotdogs and sau…

Simple Breakfast Ideas

Food and Drinkby Yuki Noa | 10 June 2019

In modern days, people have become more health conscious and they wish to eat healthy meals on a regular basis. Eating oily and junk foods is allowed for occasional events like weddings or social part…

Replacing Alcohol In Cooking

Food and Drinkby Yuki Noa | 4 June 2019

You'll have to use your own judgement on substituting for alcohol in recipes. Sweet recipes will require different substitutions than savory. Amounts will also make a difference. You wouldn't want to…