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Stress And Mood Swings Can Lower Life Expectancy

Mental Healthby nobitol | 15 April 2019

Stress is an inevitable aspect of life. Various internal or external factors can trigger stress that affects mood, self-esteem, well-being, behavior, and physical health. Some stress is part of normal…

Solutions To Improve Mental Health Naturally

Mental Healthby Yuki Noa | 14 April 2019

Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are affecting more people worldwide than other physical disorders. According to World Health Organization forecasts, depression in 2020 will lead…

Mental Illness

Mental Healthby Moriko Kuro | 13 April 2019

Do you suffer from depression? Are you close to someone who suffers from depression? Do you try to hide this fact from the rest of the world? Depression is a mental illness. MENTAL illness. Oh that ca…