Does Modern Life Affect Your Health?

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How many times do you say to yourself, “I hope things slow down”? “I hope life is easier!”

Modern life can be exhausting. Today we live faster, work more and have less free time than before. Moreover, our “comfort” often comes at the expense of the purity of our environment.

No wonder we are a “stress generation”. Did you know that one day you hear more news that your great-grandfather has heard for a whole year? Someday

Combine stress caused by too much information with changes in our environment and the foods we eat, and you get a combination that is lost.

What can we do to counteract invisible environmental factors that rob us of our health and peace of mind?

A lot of!

Here are the top three environmental factors that can negatively impact your life and what you can do for each of them.

1. Air pollution

This problem can sneak into your home or office without you even noticing. And the problem is very real. From airborne pollutants to toxic mold, our breathing is under attack.

Many cities now routinely warn citizens to stay indoors during certain parts of the day, particularly in the summer, due to elevated ozone levels. Of course, summer is the time when our children and we often want to be outdoors.

The good news is that this is a problem with several solutions. Today we have a wide variety of air filters from which to choose. Ranging from those that simply filter our air to more expensive models that ‘treat’ the air, be sure you get a filter that traps super-small particles and defends against ozone as well. And change your filter often. Experts now recommend changing filters up to once a week.

You may not be able to change the air outside but you can make a difference in the air your family breaths when they are in your home.

2. Water pollution.

If you remember high-school science, you will remember that there is no new water. That’s right, the water you drank today is completely re-circulated from the clouds above. Makes air pollution take on a completely new meaning, doesn’t it?

Water is essential to life. When NASA speaks about the possibility of life existing on Mars or any other planet, what they look for is whether that planet has or has ever had water. The majority of the human body is made of water. We cannot live without it.

Like our air, our water is polluted with chemicals and toxins from various sources in the environment.

Thankfully, water filtration is sophisticated. Having an effective home water filtration system is within the reach of virtually everyone.

Whether you choose a ‘whole house’ filter or one that runs from the faucet, be sure that the particle size that it filters is sufficiently small. Look specifically to see that your filter will remove contaminants like lead, mercury, and asbestos.

3. Chemical Residue

If our air and water are both polluted, where does that leave our homes? By cleaning up the air we breath and the water we drink, we are on the road to providing a safer environment for our families. However, we’re not there yet.

Every surface in our home collects dust, dirt, germs, and grease that need cleaning regularly. That’s no problem, you say! You can just pick up your handy dandy bottle of all-purpose chemical cleaner and begin, wait, did you say chemical cleaner?

We filter chemicals out of our air and water and then put them right back into our home environment by cleaning every surface in our home with chemical cleaners, exposing our families to their vapors in the process.

Modern advances also come to the rescue in the cleaning sector. For the first time, we have easy access to cleaning methods that do extraordinary work without the chemicals and toxins we do not want.

In every household cleaning area, make sure you choose a product that will not leave a chemical residue or chemical odor that is strong in the air. Your health and your lungs will thank you.

By making a few simple changes, you can make a lasting impact on your life and that of your family members. Why not start today? Restore your peace of mind and begin the journey to a happier and healthier life.

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