How To Become A Mentally Healthy Person

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Your conscience is lazy because it is less developed and one-sided. God can not fully develop it without your participation because you have to think for yourself. He develops one and a half psychological functions of the four psychological functions available to you (thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition) according to human standards.

However, most of your brain is occupied by your vicious anti-conscience, which prevents you from developing. This primitive conscience still works in your brain. It does not want to develop and change its behavior, and it continues to influence your thoughts and behavior.

Her conscience is Satan and wants to live in fear. Therefore, it leads to a terrible mental illness in your conscience that makes you crueler and more rational.

This means that developing your conscience is a big challenge. You need to learn more, and you must also fight the misleading thoughts that you and your conscience send to your conscience.

They must also combat the misleading effects of the business world and understand that mental health and wisdom are more important than money.

God shows you in your dreams and in your religion that you have to be a superior human being instead of having a sinful behavior. Theoretically, you agree with God and believe that you will really feel better when you are a better person, but in practice you do not want to change your behavior.

They believe that you have to be selfish and think about your interests. You want to satisfy your ego. You want to be strong. They want to be admired and envied.

They only pretend to be honest and take care of the welfare of others.

Your stupid attitude does not make you understand that it is much better for you to do exactly what God shows in your dreams and in your religion.

Even if you will live like a king or a queen, your backward conscience will remain at the level of low consciousness. Your mind will remain evil.

You will never understand the importance of holiness.

To achieve a higher consciousness, you need to purify your mind. Without goodness and wisdom you will never find authentic happiness.

On the other hand, if you remember the absurdity of your anti-conscience, you will never stop being maddened and terrified.

They rely on chastity to stop being a demon and reach a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, there is nothing better for you than spiritual purity and perfection.

The material joy you have does not help you to develop. Fake world information seduces you with false promises because you are a customer of all. You must pay attention to your dangerous reality and respect God’s wisdom so as not to be locked up in a labyrinth of madness.

The development of your conscience depends on cultivating the kindness in your heart. You have to fight a mental illness by having the right attitude instead of doing what your stupid conscience does against the conscience instead of repeating the known mistakes of your one-sided conscience.

The right attitude is the attitude of peace and wisdom that God shows in your dreams.

You have to become a hero rather than being a lazy coward. This is the only way through which you can become a mentally healthy human being and completely develop your conscience.

You have to obey God’s guidance in your dreams because you are ignorant and there are too many problems in your dangerous reality that you cannot see with the knowledge you have.

Fortunately, today you can understand God’s guidance in your dreams thanks to my simplifications. So, you can do what is necessary in order to completely eliminate your anti-conscience and become a superior human being.

You will become a mentally healthy individual, even if today you have a severe mental illness. God’s treatment makes miracles because God is very patient and He gives you too many explanations and lessons in your dreams.

At a certain point He manages to convince you to do what is necessary in order to solve your problems and become a better person. At that point you finally evolve, and you are able to attain a higher level of consciousness and understand the importance of sanctity. You change your behavior. You become calm, patient, humble, sincere, and generous.

God’s mental health treatment in your dreams helps you surpass your historical time and also many other historical times of the future. Thanks to this alternative, you can attain a higher level of consciousness even though you belong to the barbarous modern civilization, which is as cruel as all the barbarous civilizations of our long history.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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