Losing Weight Takes Time

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Many people are taking an impatient diet.

Q: I started a sports program five weeks ago and so far I have not lost weight or added muscle, which is my goal. However, I intend to continue to do so, knowing that the desired results will come when I give time.

A. Yes, your results will be displayed if you have enough time. Just follow. Be consistent and you will get there. Fortunately, he was not upset about the lack of progress on the personal scale, but most did not want to take that time.

Typical Dieter Losing Weight with Exercise: Ms. Too Tight Pants Decides to Drop a Dress Size

  • She starts out feeling excited, knowing she’ll lose the weight she wants in the long run, if she can stay with it. (She’s read the books. She knows this eating better and exercising more works).
  • She starts feeling better right away, although the scale shows no difference. (Results take awhile to build, and she knows this but it gets harder and harder to wait.)
  • Her clothes begin to fit looser. People start to notice, asking “Hey you’re looking good. What are you doing?” (Things are starting to happen, but not very quickly).
  • She does “all the right things,” such as eating well and getting good rest. She’s tracking what she’s eating and keeping a journal. It’s all going great. (Consistency is the secret and a very good discipline).
  • Since she’s been “so good” she decides to step on the scale. She’s even got rewards in mind depending on how much she’s lost. (Where’s the evidence? She’s getting impatient and wants to know this is working).
  • Alas! The scale shows a three pound weight gain and she throws her hands up in despair saying, “This doesn’t work! I quit!” (The scale doesn’t show us what is going on inside, it only weighs the total package. Maybe she just finished drinking 16 ounces of water, that’s a pound right there).
  • She dismisses the real evidence (how she feel better and looks better; how she’s been getting compliments; how her clothes fit better and some are getting too lose to wear) and she decides instead to rely of the wisdom of the bathroom scale. That piece of metal sitting on the bathroom floor, known for wildly inaccurate results, but nevertheless trusted as the ultimate authority.

He might even start to get valuable active muscle tissue that supports and supports the body, creates beautiful body curves and burns calories, but he does not stop the results he wants to see on his scale.

Your body consists of fat, skin, bones and muscles (plus water). When you exercise, the goal is to increase muscle tone and reduce fat. One pound of muscle needs much less space than a pound of fat. No matter how much you see on a bathroom scale, when you play sports, you build a better, healthier frame.

Give your body the opportunity to see the results you are looking for. For example, this may be appropriate depending on the evidence that you see in your clothing. If you lose inches, but the scale has not shown any change, just wait. Scale will follow soon. If you are already on your way to better health and weight loss, just follow this one. Fast weight loss takes time.

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