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For a family is one of the foundations for a loving and peaceful home, when family members stay healthy and live well. Staying healthy means being free of a terrible disease and having the right medicines and other medical aids in case of illness. If you are a family leader, you know that this is important and, above all, in your priorities. In order to always be prepared for illnesses that may affect your family members, we strongly recommend that you have medical care at home.

So what should be included in your home needs? Of course, it must have everything that you and your family need to stay healthy and live well. Are we too general? This is because, in particular, we can not give you a list of what will be included in your home’s medical care. Because not everyone in your family needs the same resources.

For example, your grandmother may need medical devices that can not be transmitted while this type of medical device may not be available in your breast.

Given these conditions, it is very important to work within your needs once you are stocking up your home medical supply. Exactly what home medical supplies you need may vary from year to year. You’ll know the right medical supply depending on what injury or ailments that each of the members in your family are afflicted with. Dependency on medical supplies may also decrease once your injury or illness heals. The most important thing is that, once you need a specific medical supply, you’ll have access to it at any given time.

However, certain home medical supplies need to be on hand every time. A first aid kit is a very basic and necessary home medical supply. With such resource, you’ll always be prepared for any minor emergency that arises. But remember, if your first aid kit is not stocked with the proper medical supplies, it’ll be meaningless. Some things than should not be forgotten for your first aid kit are adhesive bandages in several sizes to be used for several different kinds of cuts and scrapes. Make sure you have a resource for cleaning those wounds as well, such as an antiseptic cream or ointment. Some medical supplies in your first aid kit may also be specific to individual needs of your family.

Aside from the basic first aid kit, you may also be needing any of these home medical supplies: Incontinent supplies, Massage Supplies and Massage tables, Medical Stockings, Lymphadema Pump, Microscopes, Nebulizer , Muscle Stimulators, Opthalmoscope, Otoscope, Overbed table, Orthopedic supplies, Pulse oximeter, Pulse monitor, Shower chair and Stethoscopes. Your family may need these medical supplies depending on certain conditions of each in your family. -30-

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